New Feature: Optimized URLs

Thank you for your interest in our new Optimized URL feature. We have prepared a little video to show you how awesome and flexible the new setup is.

In order to utilize this feature, your site must be using the most recent version of the MightyMerchant eCommerce platform, v. 4.4.

Implementing the new urls does take a fair amount of time to transition a site from the old system and ensure that the search engines pick up the new urls immediately.

We typically charge $250 for the url conversion process. The cost could be more if your site has a lot of custom template sets.

The good news is that we will upgrade your site to the latest version of MightyMerchant at no cost. This could be a great opportunity for those of you who have put off upgrading and are on an older version of MightyMerchant.

If you would like to upgrade your site to the newest platform, please complete the following form:

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