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We're continuing our series on link building by focusing on thinking and acting big. Remember that the fundamental link building nut you need to crack is to figure out how to convince and encourage others to naturally want to link to your website. This comes easy to many big businesses out there with huge name recognition. The Nike's and Pepsi's of the world don't seek out links, their name and branding draws in links on their own.

Your business is probably not a Nike or a Pepsi, but that doesn't mean you can't act like one - in your own small way. It's important to always be thinking aggressively and strategically about building your brand awareness. This takes creative marketing that focuses on the unique value proposition that sets your brand apart from your competitors. Everything from the web content to the direct customer communications needs to support your brand. You need a person, persona, or brand that is easily identifiable and draws people in. Your visitors likely don't know how big or small you really are, so if you think big and act big, you'll find that people will begin to know and trust your brand and will want to share with others their experience of your company.

The action we suggest: if you don't already have a brand slogan, come up with one. Conjure the "Mad Men" spirit inside of you and develop a concise phrase that captures the spirit and philosophy of your business. Once you have solidified this focus in your own mind and start to powerfully communicate it to the world, then others will have something concrete with which to identify your business. Those customers will be much more apt to remember you and want to share about your business.

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