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Make Sure Your Call to Action is Above the Fold

You want to be sure that your website’s key messaging and call to action is available to your users on a range of devices with a minimum of scrolling. "Above the Fold" is more of a print advertising term than a web term -- it refers to primary content placed above the crease in a newspaper -- but it is applicable to the user experience on a website.

Whether your website follows the current trend in web design, which is to have a long home page with much of your core content included on the main page, or you have just added bits and pieces of content to your your home page over the years, it is critical that your key messaging is apparent to users without them having to scroll to find it.

We recommend you take a few minutes to view your site on a variety of devices and be sure that your main message and action is located near the top of the page and is easy for your site visitors to locate. If not, a few simple adjustments are likely in order.

By keeping your most important information at the top of your pages, you have a better chance of grabbing the interest of potential customers and encouraging them to explore your website and services more fully.

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