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Impress Your Customers with QR Codes

Have you heard of QR (Quick Response) codes? QR codes are square, barcode-like images readable by smart phone scanners. When scanned by a smartphone they open a link. They are a simple way to direct traffic to your website, blog, Facebook page, or any URL.

The applications for QR codes are endless. They can be included on business cards, fliers, in-store displays, or any other creative places you can think of. They allow people on the go to quickly access your website. Smartphone users that know what QR codes are like to scan them for fun.

There are many free QR code generators on the web. Here are a few that we found: This one has a super simple interface. This is a good tool for businesses because it offers tracking options to monitor how often your QR code gets scanned. Another good QR code generator that offers more customization options.

Simply enter the link you wish to direct people to and these websites will generate an image that you are able to download. You can try it out by entering the link to your homepage. Then, print out the QR code and display it in your physical store location with some text like, “Visit us on the web. Scan this code with your smartphone”.

If you have a smartphone*, you can use any barcode scanner app like RedLaser for iPhone or RedLaser for Android to scan the QR code in this email. It directs you to our Facebook page. If you thought that was cool, feel free to give us a “like” on Facebook.

Now that you know what QR codes are, you will likely spot them everywhere you go as they become more and more popular.

*If you have another type of mobile phone that is internet-enabled you can access through your mobile phone to see if it is compatible with the kaywa QR reader.

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