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Tell Your Newsletter Subscribers About Gmailís New Tabbed Interface

Gmail recently released a new tabbed interface that automatically sorts emails into Personal, Social, and Promotions tabs. This means that marketing emails now go directly to the Promotions tab and wonít be seen in a Gmail userís main inbox. Gmail is the largest email provider in the world, so this change will definitely have an impact on your subscribers.

Itís unclear whether the effect of this change will be positive or negative for open rates. Some Gmail users like this new way of organization, but other users may stop looking at your marketing emails if they are hidden in the Promotions tab. Itís best to let subscribers know about the change and provide them with options so that they can access your emails in the best way they see fit.†

Users have these options to organize their Gmail inbox:†

  1. They can revert to the original interface without tabs. All emails will go to their main inbox.†
  2. They can continue to use the tabbed interface as is and find your emails in the Promotions tab.†
  3. They can organize tabs by moving emails to the tab they want. This means if you wanted to receive the HEROweb Marketing Bites in your main inbox, you could click and drag one of the Marketing Bite emails into the Personal tab. From now on Marketing Bites will appear in your main inbox.†

†For more detailed information on tabs see Googleís instructions.

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