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Write a Blog Post About a Business-Related Issue

Blogs can be a great way to get people talking about your business. You can answer questions, present new products or even run promotions to draw readers. However, everyone with a blog has experienced writer's block at one point. How do you get past it and write something relevant for your business when you're stuck?
Take a past-business related issue that you have encountered in the last year and turn it into a lesson for others by writing a blog post on how you overcame it.
There are a number of reasons why this approach works. It's writing that comes from personal experience, so it not only comes across as more authentic, but authoritative as well since you solved the issue. Also, there's a good chance that your readers can relate (who hasn't experienced a challenge or two in their line of work?), and will appreciate your perspective. Finally, it shows that you are confident enough in your business to admit you had a problem, and courageous enough to overcome it.
Need help getting started on your blog post?
  • Take one minute and make a list of three to five work-related challenges you successfully overcame on this past year
  • Write one to two paragraphs on one of the challenges
  • Edit and polish that one to two paragraph piece until it's ready to post on your blog

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