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Checking the statistics after launching an email marketing campaign is almost as important as sending the email itself. Many people track the stats for who has opened or clicked the email, but there is other useful information available that tells you about the behavior of your recipients:

  • Forwards: If one of your contacts has used the "Forward This to a Friend" feature, you will see a "forward" count in your tracking. If someone took the time to share your information with a friend or colleague, this is an excellent sign that you are providing relevant, interesting messages.
  • Bounces: When an email bounces, or is undeliverable, your email service should provide a reason. This could be a busy server, a full inbox or invalid email addresses. Check the reason for your bounces and see if there's anything you can do to rectify it. Sometimes an email is simply undeliverable because it was entered in the system incorrectly (for example, "" rather than ""). Anything like this is worth taking the time to correct.
  • Unsubscribes: While it may not be fun to look at the people who left you, you should take some time to learn from them. Was there anything that might have been particular to this broadcast that may have made someone unsubscribe? Were you offering something useful/interesting/valuable enough to keep people reading? Read our article on A/B testing which may give you ideas on how to get better results by making a few changes to your campaign.

When assessing the results of your next email campaign, look a bit deeper to see who has forwarded your email, who it bounced to, or who has unsubscribed. Use this information to get a better idea of when a campaign is successful, or when there may be room for improvement. 

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