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Use Hashtags When Posting to Twitter

The use of hashtags on Twitter can make or break whether or not your post gets found or shared. The # symbol (called a hashtag), is used to mark or categorize keywords or topics in a Tweet. Using the hashtag symbol before relevant keywords in a Tweet will allow that Tweet to show up in Twitter's search.

A few things to know on hashtags:

• Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message to see other Tweets using that hashtag.

• Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet.

• Hashtagged words or phrases can often become very popular ("trending").

For general business Tweets, include #socialmedia or #marketing. For promotional Tweets, add #promotion, #promo, #contest, #coupon, etc. Many businesses will hashtag their company or product name. There’s probably already a hashtag for virtually anything you would want to tweet about, and if there isn’t, create your own!

Incorporate hashtags into your Tweets so you will show up in more search results (and possibly accumulate more followers). For more ideas on hashtags for your account, check out

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