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Create an Infographic for Visual Learners

Used well, infographics can help convey information more clearly, quickly, and compellingly than words alone. We encourage you to put together your own infographic to help make an aspect of your business, a product, or service clearer or more obvious for your customers. If graphic design isnít your forte, donít be put off -- powerful infographics donít have to be complex, and weíll share two examples of infographic builders at the end of the Bite that allow you to create infographics from templates at low or no cost.

  • For an example of a simple infographic used to clarify a businessís ordering process, check out the ďOur Process in Four StepsĒ graphic on the homepage of one of our customerís websites,
  • To see a more complex infographic used to call attention to services a business offers, take a look at the Ten Point Protection Plan graphic on

Here are a couple of online design tools that could help you get started creating your own infographic:

  • Canva.comís Infographic Creator -- Canva is a free-to-use program that allows you to construct an infographic from a library of templates using both free and premium (paid) elements.
  • -- is a template-based design tool that offers a free library of templates, images, and elements, as well as expanded options and resources available with a Pro account at a low monthly cost.

If you have some graphic design skills, youíll have many more choices in how you go about making your infographic.

If you are looking to add additional visual interest and clarity to your website or print marketing materials, an infographic can be a great way to go.

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