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Do The Three Foot Test

When you first developed your website, your home page might have been lean and mean. Over time, your content can grow and your message can become diluted. Try out the Three Foot Test to make sure that the key elements of your homepage are the first thing that jump out at site visitors.

What is the Three Foot Test, you ask?  Bring up your website's home page and then move back from your computer display about three feet, far enough so you can't read the smaller text. What jumps out at you? Are they the elements that help build your brand? Is it a call to action? Or does nothing at all really jump out?

Make an honest assessment of the impact of your current home page. Use this information to make the necessary adjustments so your site visitors are greeted with a clear, high-impact message.

For an entertaining and informative look at just how powerful of an effect your page layout can have, check out this article on how to take control of your visitors eyes.
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