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Address Your Customers' Questions With Articles

Looking at your keyword history through your analytics program will reveal not only what people are searching for to find your site, but also what they are hoping to find.

For example, if you sell soccer balls and see that people are asking questions about sizes, you might write an article addressing the different sizes and styles that soccer balls are available in, and why. You can link to the article (or preferably, multiple articles) from the product category pages that display your soccer balls (as well as any other accessories). Always be sure to link back to the product pages from the articles, so it's always easy to get back to your products.

Your articles do not need to be long masterpieces. Just include relevant information for your customers that goes a little deeper than your basic product descriptions.

Article marketing through keyword research is a great content strategy, and provides search engine friendly content for your website. If you're comfortable sharing your writing, you can even send articles to other blogs as guest posts, or to article websites (like

Start your article writing by identifying questions that your customer service department commonly fields, or by researching keywords that apply to your site, and sharing information on those. Write a paragraph or two on the questions or keywords you come up with, and link between your articles and your product pages. 

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