Shipping Options

With the new shipping features incorporated in MightyMerchant v5, choosing your shipping method is easy.

  • Image Direct Integration with USPS, UPS, FedEx

    MightyMerchant v5 includes a new shipping module with automated UPS, USPS, and FedEx integration. Integrating your website with any of these shipping services allows your website to calculate shipping rates using realtime rates from the shipping service you have selected.

  • Image Per Product Shipping Overrides

    With our new "How Many Fit in a Box" shipping feature you can specify on a per product basis how many of an item fit in a box. This makes it easy for you to adjust your shipping calculations according to UPS and FedEx's new shipping rates, which are now based on both weight and package size.

  • Image Custom Shipping Methods

    If integrated shipping doesn’t meet your shipping requirements, MightyMerchant gives you the option to define your own custom shipping methods. With options like custom price breaks, free shipping thresholds, and handling fees.

  • Image Shipping Quote Feature

    Our shipping quote feature gives you the opportunity to communicate the total cost of an order before charging your customer. This option is ideal for international orders or products that have unique shipping requirements.

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