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Add a Mini Case Study to Your Site

Creating a customer case study for your website can be a smart move. A case study can clarify your core competencies for site visitors as well as provide rich content for search engines to index. We realize that finding the time to put together a full-length case study can be a challenge. We recommend starting with a three paragraph mini case study. Here are our tips:

  • Tell it Like a Story: What problem (or problems) was your customer encountering, what was the process you used to help them with those problems, and what solution did you find for them?

  • Be Specific: The details are what stick with people. How, exactly, did your service or product benefit the customer? Include data if you can.

  • Include Keywords Within Your Text: What are the product names, service names, and words that you want associated with your business? What words and phrases do you think a potential customer would search for if they were looking for your business? Try to integrate one to three keyword phrases within your text.

  • Use Testimonials (If You Have Them): If you have positive quotes from a customer, this is the perfect place to use them.

  • Run Your Case Study by your Customer: To avoid misunderstandings, itís always best to show a case study to the customer before putting it on your site. When appropriate, you can invite your customer to link to the case study.

If you can get yourself in the writing habit, you will be on your way to building a high-value website - both in the eyes of prospective customers as well as the search engines.

For more information on optimizing your website, check out the Initial Optimization section on our†Search Engine Success support page!

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