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Start a Journal of Ideas for Your Social Media Posts

Whenever you engage in social media (whether it's Facebook, Twitter, or blog posts), there will be times when you stare at a blank screen and just can't think of anything to say. We recently shared a Bite on ideas for your blog, but it's also a good idea to create a bank of ideas to get you through those times of writers block.
Ideas might come to you at anytime. You may be reading the newspaper (and learn a piece of trivia), listening to the news on the radio (and hear some tech or industry news), checking your email (and get ideas from an email newsletter that you've subscribed to), or even brushing your teeth (marketing and self-promotion should be as natural of a daily habit as brushing your teeth).

The idea of keeping a bank of ideas is to give you a things to pull from when you need inspiration. You won't have to rely on your memory, or try to keep things accessible in your memory when you don't need to.
Create a place where you can jot down great ideas as they come into your head, whether it's a little notebook you tuck into your purse or desk, or a notepad on your smartphone. Write them down as soon as they happen, even if it's just a few words that you can build on later.

A smartphone app like Evernote can help, as it's always accessible when you're on the go. This free app allows you to save notes, web clips, files and images and then categorize them, share them and access them from any computer you use.

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