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Preserve Webpages that are Doing Well in the Search Engines

If you have a webpage that is ranking well in Google or Bing organic search, you want to be sure not to delete or significantly adjust that page; you could lose your ranking and see a drop in traffic.

Here are the steps we recommend to preserve your successful pages:

  1. Be aware of which pages on your site have good traction in the organic search results.
  2. If you switch out products or services annually or seasonally, check the search engine results for those pages before you replace them. If they are doing well, you may want to update the content on the older pages rather than deleting them and creating new ones.
  3. Make sure, if your title tags are date-specific, that you update the year or date in the title when updating content.
Preserving pages that have good organic search traction is a key step in your long term Internet Marketing success. Donít squander your past success and hard work by making changes to your site without considering the search ramifications.

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