Product Pages

We will work with you to set up your product pages so that they best display your particular offerings to your shoppers.

  • Image Tab-Based Layout

    Our product pages provide several layout options. The tab-based layout is designed to use space as economically as possible, and is ideal when you need to display large amounts of product information, all while being user friendly and attractive.

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  • Image Product Reviews

    Customers can review any product on your site by giving it a rating from 1 to 5 and an explanation of their opinion. This can help other visitors in making a purchase, as well as increase the amount of relevant content in your site, which is great for search engine rankings.

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  • Image Image Zoom

    Giving customers the ability to see the visual details of what they are buying fosters trust in the quality of what they are purchasing. The image zoom ability allows your customer to see a larger version (zoom) of a product image simply by placing the mouse cursor over the smaller image.

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  • Image Multiadd / Packages

    Make it easy for your customers to order multiple variations at once by adding our multiadd functionality. Customers can simply enter how many of each type, color, etc. they want and add all items to their shopping cart from a single page/at the same time.

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  • Image Inventory Management

    Tired of customers ordering items you don't have and all the back and forth communication? Inventory management will allow you to set available inventory on each of your products (and their options) and then you can choose whether you want to allow back orders or simply make the item unavailable.

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  • Image Product Kits

    With this functionality, you can display a list of all the individual items contained in a "kit" or "composite product". Customers can then order additional "components" of a kit directly from the "kits" product page.

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