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We've talked a lot about the importance of getting links to your site from other related sites as a way to strengthen your search engine presence. But assuming you do get a link (or an offer for a link from another site), where will you place the link?

A links page can be just the place. You may already have a page that is just a list of links, but a better way to implement a links page is to explain why you are offering those links. This can be called an "annotated links page," because it provides a short description (up to a paragraph in length), explaining why the links being offered are a good resource. This provides a much appreciated service to your visitors who may be searching for additional similar links, or more in-depth information. It also provides additional opportunities to use keywords, which in turn increases the likelihood that your site will pop up when people are searching for keywords related to the sites you've described.

As the search engines become more sophisticated, they are looking for more natural and valuable citations from one site to another, and a long list of links doesn't provide this valuable information to the search engines. The use of a more developed page referencing other sites and giving information about them is good for your human users as well as the search engines. Sites that only provide a long lists of links with minimal (or no) valuable information are being devalued, as we have seen with the Google Penguin updates.

Read HEROweb's article about Link Building for more tips.

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