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Run a "Cyber Monday" Promotion

Cyber Monday is a day created by retailers to both acknowledge and take advantage of the trend of people shopping online on the Monday following Thanksgiving Day.
As reported by PFSweb through an IBM report, Cyber Monday sales are on the rise. Sales in 2012 increased 30.3% compared to 2011. Mobile shopping in 2012 boomed as well, with more than 18% of online shoppers using a mobile device on Cyber Monday (a 70% increase from 2011!)
Are you considering running a Cyber Monday promotion? Here are a few ideas to get you started:
  • A different promotion every hour (this would be a great way to practice using Twitter and Facebook)
  • A free gift (or free shipping) with every purchase
  • Free gift wrapping or included gift bag with a purchase
  • Coupon codes only available in an email blast - (be sure to include links in the blast making it easy for readers to forward it to friends and family in hopes of getting it viral!)
Offering a promo every hour would give you a great opportunity to pay attention to your analytics after Cyber Monday. Using unique codes in each promo (such as "at 11am, use the code "TURKEY" for 10% off your order; at noon, use the code "STUFFED" for 15% off your order). You can then track where all of your customers are coming from which can give you valuable data related to measuring your ROI on these various channels.
    Visit our page on Optimizing Your Site for Holiday Shopping Traffic for more ideas on getting the most out of eCommerce during the holidays.
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