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You might have a band of fervent customers who would be happy to talk up your awesome products and services. They might just need a little direction to show them how to do their sharing in the most effective way possible.

Over the last several years, in these columns, we have talked about some of the how-tos for using social media, blogs, and website links to build and spread awareness of your offerings. You might be more of an expert on these topics than you think! Many of your customers might have the will to share some photos that feature your products but might not be aware of how to do that in a way that best benefits your business.

Here are a few suggestions:

1. On your website and in product packaging give specific tips for social sharing and how you request people to reference your own facebook page or website when they do a social media post. The key idea is that you don't just want people talking about your product but you want them to tag or link to our own pages.

2. Provide detailed examples about how you would like others to link to your site from their own website or blog posts. Here is an example of a Links page on a website.

3. If you are a wholesaler, provide clear direction for how your customers can display your products in their store or website. Providing easy-to-access images and descriptive text for their website can help them sell your product.

Even if you are not a marketing guru, you can educate your appreciative  customers on the mechanics of sharing. Many people will welcome the advice.

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