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Add Facebook's New Clickable Hashtags to Your Posts

Just this month, Facebook rolled out the first of a series of features designed to broaden the online discussions of its users (making it easier to find what others are saying about specific topics, products, or events), as well as improve content discovery through the site.

The first feature is clickable hashtags (a cue taken from Twitter and other social media sites), which can be used to drive traffic to your page every time you post.

With the simple click of a hashtag (any word or phrase that has # in front of it, such as #heroweb), you will see a feed of what other people or Pages are saying about that same topic. Hashtags will also be searchable through the Facebook search bar, and users can click on hashtags originating from other services, such as Instagram.

For example, if we were posting an image of the HEROweb staff hard at work, we would consider incorporating a handful of hashtags throughout our post, such as #webdevelopment, #webdesign, #ecommerce, #onlinemarketing, #smallbizwebsites, #onlinestores and of course, #heroweb (donít forget your company name!).

The image on this page is an example of hashtags in action from last weekís Bite that we posted on Facebook.

Action: The next time you post on your Facebook business page (whether itís an image or a status update), add a handful of relevant hashtags to your post. This can be especially useful if your post is about a promotion (people will often search for hashtags such as #promotion, #contest, #coupon, etc.).

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