Site Management

You'll be amazed at how easy it is to manage your own content. Put in or take out new products, change pictures, prices, add customer reviews, anything you want, all from an easy-to-use content screen that you log into from your home or business computer.

  • Image Data Import and Export

    MightyMerchant has a simple interface for moving your product data in and out of our system. Customers use this when updating large quantities of items or doing regular inventory updates. MightyMerchant also offers custom import scripts for automatically connecting to third party data sources and downloading product data.

  • Image Site Content Manager

    The MightyMerchant™ Site Manager gives you control over your web site content. Changes to your web site will be applied automatically when you save your work. It's equally simple to add or edit products with pictures and pricing or add any other type of informational page.

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  • Image Page Editor

    Not only can you manage your online store with the site manager, you can update virtually any page on your site with no knowledge of html. You can update pictures, modify descriptions, update page names, format your pages - all with no software to install.

  • Image Site Manager Shortcuts

    Update your site quickly using features such as Fast Add, Categorize Products and Edit in List. These features put the information you need to change on one page, so you can make the changes and save without having to clicking through page after page of management screens.

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