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Update the Text on Your Contact Page

Often, we see contact pages that have a bare-bones form and little else. Taking this approach is a missed opportunity to reach out and connect with your customers. If your contact page looks a little bare, we suggest that you consider enhancing the page so it gives your customers more value and encourages them to reach out to you. Here are some possible ways to use the Contact Page to connect with your customers:

  • Provide clear instructions for using the contact form and (if desired) an alternative contact method -- If you frequently do business over the phone, your contact page is an ideal place to display your businessís phone number and invite users to speak with you.
  • Channel website visitors into your FAQs section -- If you have a robust FAQs section on your website, include a link to it, and encourage customers to see if their questions are answered in the FAQs before they contact you. (We only recommend taking this approach if you also make it easy for customers to get in touch with you when they canít find an answer.)
  • Highlight your social media presence and/or newsletter -- If you update your businessís social media accounts frequently, they can provide a wealth of information for customers trying to get to know you better. This is also a great place to give visitors the option to sign up for your newsletter!

Ultimately, your contact page should show your website visitors your commitment to quality customer service and provide a warm invitation to interact with your business, whether it is through the contact form, by phone, through social media, or other channels.

If you are a HEROweb customer and would like to edit your form text, please visit our support documentation on Editing the Introductory Text that Accompanies Your Forms!

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