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Make Sure Reviews are Accessible on your Website

If you have worked hard to earn accolades from your customers, you want to be sure that those reviews or testimonials are strategically placed on your website. Too often we see those reviews sequestered on a review or feedback page rather than interwoven into the product pages or main informational pages of a site.

Consider these options for review placement:

1. Rotate your best customers reviews on your home page.

2. If you have reviews that speak about a specific product, service, or aspect of your business, consider putting those reviews on the corresponding page of your site that talks about that service.

3. Even if you don't have per-product reviews on your website, you can be well-served to put some really positive general reviews on your product pages. These reviews can help reinforce the purchase decision.

By placing your testimonials with care, you can make sure that more people see them, and their impact is increased.

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