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Format Your Content with Lists to Make it Easier to Read

If you have important information you’d like to get across to website visitors, consider organizing it into a bulleted or numbered list. We touched on this subject last September in our Bite “Create Product Descriptions for Users with Short Attention Spans,” and now we invite you to explore how lists can make other content -- from the welcome text on your homepage to your customer service information -- concise, quicker to understand, and more compelling than a dense block of text.

Here are some examples of content that may work well as a list:

  • Benefits of a product or service
  • Reasons why your business stands out from your competitors
  • Instructions of any kind
  • Product specifications or care instructions

Lists are easy to create using the MightyMerchant Text Editor. For a brief overview of the list formatting options we offer, as well as other Text Editor options, check out our MightyMerchant Text Editor Toolbar Tips. You can also watch our video on Using the MightyMerchant Text Editor to see how you can create a list.

Lists break up your content into bite-size pieces that are easy to read and process. Using lists can be a good way to get information across that could otherwise be lost in a long paragraph.

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