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Reorganize Your To-Do List

An important read for business own "The Now Habit", written by Neil Fiore, Ph.D., first published in 1988 and recently updated. The author offers a strategic system for overcoming the causes and effects of procrastination.

One important lesson from the book is to do the most important thing on your to-do list first.

This may sound obvious, but in reality, that's not what many of us actually do. We often focus first on the least difficult tasks, the least time-consuming tasks, or the most enjoyable tasks. We take care of numerous little tasks so that we feel like we have accomplished something, while that one big thing that really needs to be done is still looming.

Our Marketing Bites typically focus on tips related to web marketing, but today's thought is important for any business owner, no matter what stage of your business development you are at. The challenge is that there are so many important things to do in every moment of every day. And not doing one small task can put a larger goal in jeopardy.

Sit down and reevaluate and reorganize your to-do list. Focus on one important, larger task that really needs to be done. Even if you can't complete it in one go, take one constructive step toward getting it done so you are one step closer.

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