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Activate Site Search Tracking in Google Analytics

Google Analytics has so many useful features that it is hard to keep them all straight. One of our favorites is Site Search Tracking, which keeps track of what your users are searching for on your website. Very few site owners take advantage of this feature, but you should consider using it, as activation is simple and it reveals valuable information about your site.
Log onto your Google Analytics account and under "Admin", edit the main website profile to “Do Track Site Search” (under the "Profile Settings" tab). Within 24 hours Google will begin tracking search data from your website. For more detailed instructions view our blog post, Tracking Your On-Site Search With Google Analytics. (The instructions provided are for the MightyMerchant system. If you are using a different content management system you might need to find out the search query parameter that your system uses.)
It takes less than five minutes to add this feature to your Google Analytics account, and then it will track the searches on your website. Once Google begins tracking, it is easy for you to view this detailed information and learn more about what your site users are searching for.
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