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If you own a website, you want to maintain, at a minimum, some general awareness of changes that the major search engines are implementing.

The overall trend at Google and Bing is that they are working hard to eliminate the benefit that sites have received over the past decade by using creative and sometimes deceptive practices to boost their search rankings. Instead, the search engines have become much more sophisticated in terms of analyzing content on your site and analyzing the quality of the sites that are linking to you.

Here are the actions we recommend:

1. If you feel you have no time or interest to invest in your Search Engine IQ, then we suggest you at least take this one step: If in the last 10 years you paid for any service that promised you high search engine listings by getting you incoming links, setting up multiple websites for you, or doing anything else that they claimed would get you on the first page of Google, consider hiring someone to evaluate what they did and whether those steps are currently damaging your search rankings.

2. If you are generally concerned about your search rankings, but not an Internet Marketing whiz, I would spend 10 minutes reading Google's Webmaster Guidelines. If you understand and play by Google's rules, your odds of success go up considerably.

3. If you are heavily invested in your SEO success, we suggest that you study the latest trends in search engine ranking factors and invest some time in understanding the meaning of each of the top factors.

SEO is a continually evolving discipline. What you did to be successful five or ten years ago will likely not work as well today. If you set aside a little time to go over the changes in SEO factors, you will be able to stay competitive with your search rankings.

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