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Treat Every Page On Your Site Like a Landing Page

A "landing page" refers to a page that visitors arrive on when they first come to your site. It's critical to realize that every page on your site is potentially a landing page, not just the home page. There is no way to predict how someone gets to your site or where they will land first. Search results, external links, links from social networking, and other methods of sharing can bring visitors into any page of your site.

By treating every page like a landing page, you can ensure that the important information and calls-to-action are always available. Every page must carry a clear indication of what your business is offering, including what your expertise is, how to contact you, what you sell (if eCommerce), and actions that the customer can take (such as adding to cart, downloading something, signing up for your newsletter, etc.)

Review your site and consider every page as if it were the first page someone landed on. Is all the important information there? Can the customers get to where you want them to go? Update your site as needed while imagining every page as a landing page.

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