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If you're putting in the effort to add content to your website with the goal of improving your organic search placement, be sure to go the extra mile and take care of the crucial details that will help the search engines rank your pages for the terms you are after. Once you write your article, do a blog post, or add your e-newsletter, you should consider these details:

  • Create Unique Page Titles - Make sure your titles (those are the words that appear in the tab at the top of the browser window) include 1-3 specific keyword phrases. It would not be effective, from an SEO perspective, if your page title was: "Marketing Bites 2/17/14." This would be better: "SEO Ecommerce Tips - Search Optimization Techniques - Marketing Bites, February 2014"
  • Include keyword phrases in the page headings and body copy - Integrating those same keyword phrases that you added to your title into the heading of your page and the text that you have written will help the search engines correlate this page with the keywords that you are after.
  • Optimize your URL - When you create a new page on the site, take a moment to customize the url so it also reflects your keyword phrases. You don't need to exactly duplicate the page title, but if you can, you should work one of your keyword phrases into the url.

By taking a few extra minutes to integrate specific keyword phrases into your new pages, you will be sending a clear message to the search engines about what is the focus of each page on your site.

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Marketing Bites are short actionable tips to help you market your business. Each Bite contains a marketing idea and an easy to complete action. The Marketing Bite is emailed weekly to subscribers.

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