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Add Keyword Specific Anchor Text to Your Links

Search engines such as Google and Bing consider many factors when ranking websites. One key factor is the quality and quantity of links that you have within your site, as well as the links coming into your site from other websites.

Be aware of the actual words that make up the clickable links on your site. Your goal is to take the keyword phrases for which you want to rank highly and incorporate those words into the link text on your site. And if at all possible, encourage or ask others who link to your site to do the same.

From an SEO perspective, this is an example of a good link:Check out our selection of leather soccer balls.

Here is an example of a poor link: To see our leather soccer balls, click here.

Review the text on the homepage of your website. If you have a paragraph of text describing your services or products, change the names of the services or products into the links that will go to the specific pages on your site.

For more information, watch our brief instructional video on creating keyword-rick anchor text in your links

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