Wholesale & B2B

No matter how you want to interact with your customers and the public, we can develop a system that will meet your needs. We have created a host of features geared specifically toward wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, and other B2B sellers.

  • Image Password Protected

    Protect your sensitive data. Wholesale pricing is only displayed when a valid user name and password is entered for an approved wholesale dealer.

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  • Image Account Price Groups

    Reward your higher volume resellers with better discounts. MightyMerchant™ makes it easy to assign each customers to their appropriate discount level. Your customers will see different prices based on their assigned discount level.

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  • Image Sales Rep Accounts

    Account reps can log in and place orders for their customers. Once logged in, account reps can search for accounts and will only have access to customers assigned to them. The rep will choose the customer and place the order for the customer. Reps will have access to a materials/downloads content area available only to them.

  • Image Saved Orders

    Allow customers to "build" an order over time, creating a collection of items they are planning on purchasing. Customers can add items to and remove items from the saved order for as long as they wish until they are ready to officially submit their order.

  • Image Automated Dealer Application and Approval

    Visitors to your site can apply to become dealers by filling out a form on your website. We'll customize the form to collect the information you need. You'll receive email notification and can approve the account with one click so your dealer can begin buying on your website at wholesale prices.

  • Image Store Locator

    Want to help your customers find a local dealer for your products? By entering their postal zip code your customers will be able to find out where your products are sold in their area.

  • Image Easy Login to Customer Accounts

    A very handy MightyMerchant feature is our "login as" feature. This function allows the site owner to easily log in to any customer account with one click and place an order for a customer.

  • Image SKU Based Ordering

    Customers that know the exact SKU numbers of the items they want, can save time ordering by entering all SKUs and desired quantities into a single page. When they are done entering their order, they can then press a button to add all entered items directly to their shopping cart at the same time.

  • Need to integrate with your accounting package? MightyMerchant offers an API allowing you to retrieve and update orders and inventory on the site.

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