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Separate Your Content Into Different Channels

As a business, if you are going to encourage customers to connect with you via multiple channels, then it might be best to provide some alternate benefit or difference between what you offer through each channel. Otherwise, the subconscious message is that there is no reason for a fan or follower to connect with you in more than one place.

Tools available for cross-posting content between your website, Facebook, blogs, and Twitter can be useful. However, it can be a better use of your resources to commit to one or more specific channels and produce unique content on each.

Take inventory of the channels you currently use. Consider how you're using each. Are you leveraging these resources (and the resources necessary to support them) to their fullest? Assign each channel a type of message/content that you are going to share. Start posting! Set some reasonable metrics for improvements you'd like to see as a result of this activity and evaluate every month. Give it a try this quarter and see how things go.

Here is a brief overview of some of the basic channels available for businesses:

  • Twitter is best for time-sensitive offers, references to articles and links that are relevant to your business/niche industry. Users are limited to 140 characters, including their name, so you need to keep it concise. Check out Twitter's best practices and small business guide
  • Facebook has the biggest audience and provides an excellent opportunity to build relationships. See Facebook's steps to business success
  • LinkedIn is for business-to-business or expert/consultant networking where you can share more about your companies products, services, employment opportunities and culture. Review some of the FAQs on company pages from LinkedIn. 
  • Your blog is a search engine-friendly place to let your personality come across and share information with anyone who wants to find it, whether or not they are a follower on Twitter or a Facebook fan. Take a look at HEROweb's Beginner's Guide to Starting a Business Blog

Learn more about using social media with some resources from HEROweb:

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