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Set Up a Holiday Calendar

As business owners, we have to be prepared for the increase in demands on our business around the holidays.

Schedule when you are going to send out your promotional emails, and when you need to communicate with your customers about their last day to order to guarantee arrival by Christmas or New Year’s. Consider participating in broader promotions like Free Shipping Day (held a little over a week before Christmas), and schedule an email blast to let people know about it.

Setting up a calendar of important dates to remember can help you manage the flow of demands this time of year. Google has a free calendar that you can access from the web provided you have a Gmail account. You can set up notifications to come to your Gmail address so you never miss an important day. Google also has sharing features so that everyone on your staff can view and edit the calendar.   

Check out HEROweb's Holiday Prep Checklist for more ideas to get you and your business ready for the holidays.

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