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Create a Funnel and Goal in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Funnels and Goals provide you with valuable insights about how users navigate your website. A Goal allows you to set specific actions you want the user to take, and then you can analyze how often users complete those actions. Funnels allow you to add steps to the Goal so you can see whether users follow or deviate from the path you intended.

For example, you might want to measure how often users land on your order confirmation page. You might also expect users to follow certain steps to get to the order confirmation page, starting with the “Add to Cart” button and then proceeding through your checkout process. You can add the pages in your checkout process as steps in a Funnel. Funnels can reveal where users get hung up along the path to your goal. If users tend to abandon the checkout process on a certain page that indicates you may need to make improvements to that page.

You might also want to use Funnels and Goals to measure how often users navigate to the new product you are promoting, or to see which of your product pages most often result in a purchase. If you are a MightyMerchant customer, you can get started with Funnels and Goals by visiting our documentation page. For general information on setting up goals see Google’s documentation.
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