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Evaluate Your Email Flow

The public face of your business is often represented through email communication. Periodically evaluating the structure of your businessís email accounts and aliases is key to maintaining an efficient and clear flow of information to your customers and within your business.

As a first step, draw a simple map to show which of your team members receives email from which addresses. Then review our list of general good practices:

  • Each team member should write from their own address ( or a generic address ( rather than sharing a personal account with another employee.
  • Addresses that donít belong to a specific team member (such as an info@ or sales@ address) should likely be set up as aliases and then forwarded to team members. If you need multiple team members to monitor conversations with customers over the long term, consider setting up a shared account, using IMAP, or use a more sophisticated support system.
  • Use aliases to keep groups of employees in the loop (like or

Your aim should be to promote efficient communication within your organization and provide a clear path for your customers to reach the right people in your business when they need assistance. Mapping out and assessing your current structure will help you stay on track.

For more information about the differences between accounts and aliases, please review our article ďEmail Basics: Accounts versus Aliases

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