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Use High Quality Images Throughout Your Site

A site's "load time" is a measure of how fast a site loads in a web browser. Most of a site's load time is based on downloading all the components in the page: images, style sheets, scripts, Flash, etc. Image size used to be a major factor in a site's load time, but today, having high-resolution images is crucial (even with the larger file sizes). Luckily, most networks are equipped to handle them.

Shoppers on your site want to evaluate the item they are considering purchasing. High quality images that show great detail are the best tool you have to help online shoppers make their decision to buy. Without the ability to touch, hold, smell, taste, or otherwise handle the products (like they can in a brick-and-mortar store setting), potential customers only have images to convince them that your product is what they want.

Look through your site at the quality of the images that you offer. Are they high-res images? Do you have multiple views of your products? Give your visitors the best images possible. Create thumbnail photos from larger, more detailed versions of your product images instead of the other way around. You can display a mini-gallery and even consider adding a zoom feature so that customers can take a closer look. And if you're unsure of the how to choose the right file type for your images, we have a Marketing Bite that can help you decide.

See the impact that high quality images (plus zoom) can have with three of our customers:

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