Research and Development FAQ

We are always working on improvements to our website platform MightyMerchant. Our goal is to keep on top of trends / changes in the industry and to continually develop great new features and functionality to give you and your website the capabilities you need to stay competitive.

  • Do you keep current with search engines changes?

    Search engine optimization is a tricky business. MightyMerchant has had years of documented success with creating sites that gain top search engine listings. Don't take our word for it! Visit our portfolio and do your own searches for the sites you see listed. As the search engine industry has consolidated and evolved over the past several years, MightyMerchant has continually refined our system to give site owners and SEO experts the tools they need to author pages that work well for shoppers as well as search engines.

  • How do you deal with spam email?

    Our technical staff has spent considerable time developing and deploying a strategy for effectively combating spam. This strategy includes spam filtering software that runs on our server, protection of email addresses on websites, and guidance for our customers for creating email addresses and protecting them so they don't get in the hands of spammers. Our multi-pronged approach has proven quite successful.

  • How often do you add new features?
    We are constantly responding to feature requests from our customers and technology innovations to improve MightyMerchant. We generally release several upgrades to our software each year through a controlled roll-out process. Unlike many of our competitors we do not outsource the development of our software so we can make adjustments and respond to feature requests quite quickly.
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