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Experiment with Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Experiment with Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Ads

Google has released a new type of ad feature called Dynamic Remarketing Ads. You can use this sophisticated tool to deliver very specific product ads to users who have previously visited your site.

For example, if a shopper viewed a pair of shoes on one of your product pages you could use a remarketing campaign to display that pair of shoes in ads that the customer would continue to see in the ad spaces of other websites they visit. You could also target ads at previous customers by displaying products related to their purchase. 

Dynamic remarketing ads have the potential for higher conversion rates because you are marketing a specific product or service to people who have already shown an interest in that item.

Google further explains dynamic remarketing in this article.

To utilize Dynamic Remarketing Ads you need to have an active Google Adwords account. If you are already using Google Adwords, we recommend giving Dynamic Remarketing Ads a try! You can follow Google's detailed instructions.

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