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Poll a Wider Audience With Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys (GCS) offers “Custom market research made easy,” with a new spin on the way businesses collect information. Ten cents per response gets you answers to any number of questions from a nationally representative sample, including what features are important in a product, specific behaviors, or thoughts on a new logo or packaging. Fifty cents per response buys you demographically targeted answers (by gender, age, or geographic region) or answers from a custom audience, such as dog owners or snowboarders (all Google surveys require a $100 minimum purchase).

Who are the survey participants, you ask? If someone is trying to access content that they would usually pay for from one of Google’s publishing partners (such as New York Daily News or Pandora), they can instead opt-out of the fee by taking a short (two questions max) survey.

Have a question related to your business or products, and want immediate results? Follow the steps below to create your own affordable survey with GCS:   

1.   Create your survey   

2.   Choose your audience    

3.   Write and submit your questions    

4.   Review your responses and data in real-time

Find out more on the benefits and convenience of using Google Consumer Surveys by visiting our full article, Poll a Wider Audience With Google Consumer Surveys.

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