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Use the WayBack Machine to Evaluate the Evolution of Your Marketing Approach

As your business and website evolves, it can be easy to lose touch with your initial business focus. Using the WayBack Machine is a fun and educational way to track how your message has evolved over the years. The WayBack Machine is a free online tool that has been crawling the web and taking snapshots of publicly accessible webpages since 1996. Putting a web address into the WayBack Machine allows you to see what that webpage looked like at the various moments it was crawled by the Machine. We recommend viewing your website as it has been captured by the Wayback Machine throughout the years. You can ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the central message I am conveying on my website?
  • Is it still easy for a customer to grasp what makes my products and/or services unique and important?
  • Have I added so much to my site that the central message has been diluted?

Growing and strategically advancing your business is a good thing. But periodically looking back at your beginnings is a great reality check and can help you make sure that your business and website are moving in the direction that is true to your original intent.

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