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Create a Compelling Email Blast

Email has changed the way we communicate. Whereas the majority of business was previously conducted by phone, mail, and fax, email now dominates, as itís accessible on our computers, tablets, and phones. Itís estimated that two out of three people in the US will be email users this year, and that number is set to climb. As a result, marketing with email blasts can be a great way to reach your customers, and potentially gain new ones.

You can create your own email blasts or sign up for service through a third-party company such as Constant Contact,†Vertical Response, or MailChimp. These companies will store your email contacts and track the results of blasts once theyíve sent. Theyíre great for beginners (with templates to help you easily design a blast) or more advanced users who can plug in code for a truly customized design.

With all of the junk emails that flood in-boxes (and the fact that many people are juggling lots of emails in multiple accounts) your email blast has to stand out to be effective.

  • Visually, you can design your blast to catch the eye by having a concise subject line that consistently includes your company or newsletter name.

  • Give every email blast you send a clear purpose, and always finish with a call to action.

  • Include links, phone numbers, or other helpful information for readers to complete the action.

  • Segment your lists of email contacts so you can write blasts specific to particular audiences.

Looking for more ways to make your blasts stand out? Read our full article, Create a Compelling Email Blast, for more ideas on making the most of email marketing.

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