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Choose the Right File Type for Your Images

Every time you open, edit, and re-save a JPEG image (or simply just re-save it with some image editors), it loses quality over time. PNG and GIF images use “lossless compression,” meaning they retain perfect image quality, but can actually be smaller in file size than JPEG if used appropriately. Check out our example using the HEROweb logo:



The top image is our original JPEG file. The bottom image was emailed, then opened, and re-sized twice. If you look closely, you can see that it is slightly blurry. Each time the image goes through this process, it will become noticeably less sharp and clear. JPEG is the most common image format, but compressing JPEG images always results in data loss.

The fewer times you re-save an image, the better. If you're going to modify an image to post on your website, blog, or Facebook page, always make sure you are modifying an original file. Large images can be re-sized to be smaller, but if you try to re-size a smaller image to be larger, you will drastically lose quality. 

To maintain high quality images, always keep an original files of the photo or image you are using, if you're unsure of which file type to us.elways save your images as "Save As" by right clicking to save, so that you have an original.

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