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Tune Your On-Site Search

Adding keywords to your products can make your on-site search tool more effective for your site visitors.

Here is how we recommend tuning your search:

1. Do some test searches on your site to evaluate the results that appear on your site. Consider varying the wording of some of your most important terms.
2. Consult the on-site search report in Google Analytics to evaluate what visitors are currently searching for. For basic instructions on setting up this report, check out our Marketing Bite on how to Activate Site Search Tracking in Google Analytics.
3. Using the information you have gleaned from steps 1 and 2, enter supplementary phrases for your most important products. In MightyMerchant you can add comma-separated phrases to the product keyword field.

Site visitors likely use a range of terms in your on-site search, from jargon to colloquial terms, and the words they use may change over time. Tuning your on-site search to reflect a broader, more true-to-life set of keywords is a relatively quick way to improve the usability of your website.

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