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Create Product Descriptions for Users with Short Attention Spans

Capturing a potential customerÍs attention can be a challenge in todayÍs fast-paced world. Many online shoppers speed from product to product, only briefly skimming each page. This is why it pays to include, above your more in-depth product description, a concise few sentences or bulleted list to summarize your productÍs key features. The summary will vary from site to site, but should generally answer these questions about your product:

  • What are its uses?
  • What are its key attributes (material, size, color, lifespan, etc.)?
  • What are its requirements or care instructions (if any)?
  • Why is it special?

Forcing customers to hunt through a lengthy description for the information they are looking for leads to impatience, and can result in the customer abandoning the effort altogether. Covering the key aspects of your product right off the bat is a good way to hold their focus and encourage a purchase.

For a great example of a product description summary, please visit our customer Royalty CoreÍs website, and take a look at one of their truck grilles.

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