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Study the Content Creators That You Admire

According to marketing guru Seth Godin, if your website is selling something, there are four paths that you can send a visitor down (and these are the only four things worth doing):

  1. Get someone to buy something right now
  2. Get someone to give you their email address so you can build a relationship
  3. Get someone to tell a friend
  4. Get someone to go to another page on your site. 

With that said, have you thought about what you are trying to accomplish, and how well your website is doing to help you meet that goal?

One way to answer this question is to study the content creators that you find interesting, and, particularly, those who are in a similar type of business. This isn't about copying them, but instead to understand what they do well. Just like novelists are encouraged to read the work of other novelists that they admire, you should be giving yourself the time to visit other successful websites. It doesn't matter if they're the equivalent of a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and you're an intern in the mail room. Try to articulate what you like them and their content.

Sit down and visit five successful websites in industries similar to yours. What can you learn from them? What are they doing well, or right? Then, take this analysis and apply it to your own content. How can you make yours better?

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