Content Management

Choose from specially configured content sections that can help you present information in a way that best showcases that material.

  • Image Embedded Calendar

    We offer several options for presenting scheduled events to your users, including an embedded Google Calendar, custom database driven calendar, or linear timeline of events.

  • Image Mini-Blog

    MightyMerchant has an integrated blogging capability for customers who want to blog without using a third-party program. Wordpress integration is also available.

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  • Image Videos

    You have put all that work into making educational and engaging videos. Adding an area of your website designed to showcase and organize videos in an easy-to-use and engaging manor is a must.

  • Image Photo Gallery

    Showcase your work, share photos from a trade show or an event, give a virtual tour of your facilities, or just show the human side of your business. Adding a photo gallery is a great way to give potential customers a window to your company or organization.

  • Image Staff Bios / Employee Directory

    People are curious by nature and want to know who they are dealing with. Letting your customers know who you are fosters trust, which is a top criteria in whether or not a customer will do business with you.

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  • Image Class / Events Schedule

    Provide your customers with a list of upcoming classes or events that you or others are hosting. This includes an easy-to-read overview with events listed by month and date. Individual events can have their own pages for more detailed content and/or media.

  • Image Articles

    Create articles related to your products or services. Articles can be grouped into categories (i.e. monthly newsletters, topic areas) to make it easier for site visitors to find their topic of interest. This is a great resource for your customers that will keep them coming back to your site.

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