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Make Sure All Pages on Your Site have a Clear Call-To-Action

Users may enter your site from many different pages besides your homepage, so itís important that all pages have a clear call-to-action to guide the user where you want them to go. Many call-to-actions take the form of a button, though a prominent link can also do the trick. Here are some characteristics of a good call-to-action:

  • Your button or link text should be simple and action-oriented (ex: Request a Quote, Sign Up To Receive Monthly Specials).
  • It should be located so itís visible without too much scrolling.
  • The text should be large and contrast well with the background of the button or page.

For some examples of call-to-action buttons, please visitÖ

  • Ray Prasad Consultancy Group - This website prompts users to contact the site owner with a prominent Contact button and banner that displays across the site.
  • Cruise One - Smith Pollin Group - A helpful call-to-action bar appears along the top of the browser window, once you start scrolling down the page.

Donít let your webpages become dead ends -- keep users engaged and on track with a prominent call-to-action!

If you are a MightyMerchant customer and need assistance in setting up a call-to-action button, please submit our Online Support Request form.

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