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Product feeds are the formatted data files that you can submit to Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) to give them information about your products. If you aren't familiar with CSEs, they are a type of search tool used by thousands of shoppers who are looking to compare and rate products from a range of vendors before purchasing. Some of the popular CSEs are Google Shopping, Shopzilla, NextTag and Google Shopping has no cost associated with listing your products, but many of the others have a pay-per-click model.

Optimizing your product feeds is a key component in having your listings appear in a favorable position. Savvy online shoppers using CSE are generally looking for something specific, and are probably searching for key phrases such as brand, model, product type and product attributes. Your feed will be more likely to grab the shopper's attention if the product titles and descriptions are optimized to include these key phrases.

Be sure that your product titles clearly identify your products and include these specific target key phrases. Then optimize the product descriptions to include color, size, style, and other important info. Be sure to include those keywords and phrases in the descriptions as well. This is also a great opportunity to add an enticing offer to set you apart from your competitors, such as free shipping. Many product feeds have additional fields for you to add information about the product attributes.

If you are a part of Google Shopping, and would like to see how Google lists all of your products, go to and type: (with your actual domain name) into the search bar. Once you see all of your listings, you might see some opportunities for adjustment. If you get stuck, or would like to arrange for us to manage your feeds, donít hesitate to contact HEROweb. We are here to help!

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