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We are constantly asked by customers how they can improve their search rankings. The single most important step you can take is to create excellent, original content and put it on your website.

There are other parts to the search engine puzzle, but the core on-site factor that search engines are evaluating is whether your website has original information, data, or media that is closely associated with a keyword phrase that a user searches for.

So what do you do?

1. Take an honest look at your site. Have you developed text, video, product descriptions, articles, or any other information that is original?

2. After looking at other sites similar to yours, do you have any ideas for content or pages you could add to your site that would provide valuable information for users?

3. Do you have the ability as a writer to come up with some creative text? If so, pick one page on your site, whether it is a specific product or a main section of your site, and share some of your unique knowledge.

For those of you who want to dig in deeper about the search engines and the latest changes, here is an excellent article over at Practical Ecommerce about the Google Panda 2 update, that was rolled out last month.

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Marketing Bites are short actionable tips to help you market your business. Each Bite contains a marketing idea and an easy to complete action. The Marketing Bite is emailed weekly to subscribers.

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