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Bundle Products in Packages and Sets

Bundling your products in packages and sets often appeals to shoppers, particularly around the holidays. Gift sets are convenient for customers to give, and allow you to sell more product in the process. 

Start offering bundles by suggesting products that would go well together in an attractive gift basket. Or, develop sample sizes of some of your products and package them together. Create a "Starter Kit" of items to introduce new customers to your products, or create a "Fun Pack" of gift items or toys for children. Offer a slight discount when all of the products are purchased as a group, giving buyers an incentive to purchase.

Here are some specific examples of ways that products could be bundled:

  • Clothing and jewelry: Pair up a dress with a hat and tights, or a dress with accessories such as a scarf and bracelet for a complete look.
  • Body care: Bundle hand lotion with body wash and a matching scented candle.
  • Home and garden: Mix-and-match patterns and colors of tableware for unique looks that your customers wouldn't get otherwise unless they bought a set of each pattern. Combine useful garden tools in a canvas carryall for the ultimate "gardener's kit".
  • Multipacks: If you sell a product that customers must restock on, consider offering a bundle of two or three that they can buy all at once at a discount.
  • Kids: Bundle a book about cars with a die-cast toy car, and a video about cars.
  • Present individual items as well: Your kits and/or groups should also breakdown the list of included products individually with an option to buy singles. Here's a screenshot from one of our customers, Harlequin Beads, which presents both the kit for a pair of earrings, and individual items:

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